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mcDSA-Bx family vs mcDSA-Ex family

Main differences between the family mcDSA-B4x/B6x and family mcDSA-E4x/E6x

The mcDSA-B4x/B6x family has a reduced functionality compared to mcDSA-E4x/E6x family. The following limitations and differences of mcDSA-B4x/B6x family must be noticed:


Software differences:

  • only one TxPDO and one RxPDO
  • only CAN bus on board, no other bus systems like EtherCAT are possible
  • no DS402 profile
  • no S² ramps
  • no brake management
  • no interpolation
  • no HALL diagnostic
  • no HALL counters
  • no HALL tuning
  • no MODULO positioning
  • no clock synchronization via CAN bus
  • no PWM mode (only symmetric PWM)
  • no cadence braking (limiting of Up during braking)
  • MPU memory is smaller
  • the processor is slower (higher timeouts for the SDO communication, slower controller cycle times, etc.)


Hardware differences

  • no incremental encoder
  • no hex switches
  • no I/O expansion via mcSPI possible
  • only one PWM frequency (25 kHz), no possibility to change it

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