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DC/BLDC motors

Our mcDSA-E2x, mcDSA-E4x, mcDSA-E5x and mcDSA-E6x product families are based on a modular structure and are available with all common field bus options; CANopen and EtherCAT interface. All devices are easily configurable and programmable. The integrated MPU (Motion Process Unit) enables you to store your own logic in the device, making intelligent operation without an external PLC possible. Whatever you use, hall and incremental encoder, sin/cos encoder interface or an integrated encoder chip, the right product for almost any of your applications can be found in our extensive product range. For an even lower-priced controller with only slightly reduced functionality we can offer our mcDSA-B4x and mcDSA-B6x families.


Device family Description
The mcDSA-F15 and mcDSA-F17 drive controllers provide the optimum solution for extremely complex technical requirements. They are the product novelties in our F1x-family. The drive controllers are designed with peak current up to 225 A and continuous current up to 85 A. With a dimension of 111mm x 100mm x 40mm optionally the drive controllers have the certified safety function STO (Safe-Torque-Off) and UL. This family is characterized by field-oriented commutation (FOC).
The mcDSA-E2x family offers performance without compromise. This family includes our most powerful controllers thanks to a robust aluminium bracket enables excellent thermal performance allowing a maximum output current of 160 A. For battery-driven applications up to 60 volts, as well as powerful drives, you will find your product in this family.
In the F3x-family, the mcDSA-F35 drive controller represents one of our product innovations. With a maximum output current of up to 120 A and continuous current of 21 A in combination with a small design of 78mm x 74mm x 28mm, this is the premium class. The family features exclusively field-oriented commutation and optionally the certified safety function STO (Safe-Torque-Off) and UL. In addition, interfaces such as SSI, Biss-C, Hyperface and a connection for a PT1000 temperature sensor are already available.
The E3x-family is the modern all-rounder and delivers up to 80 A peak current and 15 A continuous current. Optionally, the E3x-family is available with UL certification. A compact and efficient design characterizes this family at 78mm x 74mm x 28mm while featuring block commutation. In addition, the E3x-family has a connection for a PT100 temperature sensor.

The mcDSA-E4x and mcDSA-B4x families are excellent all-rounders. These families offer a maximum output current up to 50 A in combination with easy DIN rail mounting. All variants of the mcDSA-E4x and mcDSA-B4x are addtionally available in high current variants (HC). The main differences between the two families can be found here.

The mcDSA-E5x and mcDSA-B5x families offer excellent performance and economy. It has excellent power density, the standard version offering up to 50 A in a tiny package of just 78 x 74 x 28 mm. The main differences between the two families can be found here.

Even more smaller than the mcDSA-E5x, the mcDSA-E6x and mcDSA-B6x families are our most compact families. With dimensions of 74 x 45.5 x 14 mm and a weight of only 30 g, you can find the right product for limited space applications. Despite their small size, they can deliver up to 15A and by using multiple devices from this family it is possible to build low-priced multi-axis systems in a short time. The main differences between the two families can be found here.

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