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Article number: 1514321

Category: Brake chopper

Certification: UL *1


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  • integrated digital outputs
  • Short circuit and overtemperature monitoring
  • Device status notification with the help of 3 LEDs (Power, Status, Error)
  • Hex switches to set at which voltage the resistor should dissipate energy

Technical data

Name Value
   Absolute maximum rating
      - Voltage (destruction limit) Up
        no polarity reversal protection
   80 V

      - Electronic supply voltage Up    18..60 V
      - Max. braking peak current @ Ubr=60V
        (certified UL)*2
   55 A
      - Max. braking continuous current @ Ta=40°C
        (certified UL)*2
   10 A

   Braking resistor
      - Adjustable braking voltage Ubr    18..60 V
      - Braking resistor @ Ubr=60V    min. 1 Ohm (external)

      - Size LxWxH    110 x 23 x 77 mm

   Digital output
      - Number    1 (/Error)

Modifications and errors excepted.

*1 The certified performance data must be observed (see UL Instruction Note)
*2 permitted current depends on the used braking resistor (maximum value refers to the smallest possible resistance - 1 Ohm)

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